Sorry we have not posted in a while. Currently Denise, Banning, and Easton are quite sick but on the mend. Reagan and I had it this last weekend. Thankfully we got to go to a Thanksgiving dinner at the Tluceks house and had a wonderful time. On friday morning is when it hit…This is our first major sickness.

There is a possibility I had either malaria, dengue fever, or just a bad flu. This also goes for Denise and the boys. Naomi even is sick. We hope to feel better this week.

In taking chloroquine my eyes feel like they are wanting to pop out of my head!! Fun fun in beautiful Haiti! Our internet connection (actually most of the country) has been very sporatic. Seems like its ok for now. We will update you more as we are able.

In His Service,
Sean, Denise, and family