It has been raining here all week night and day. This causes severe flooding as well as mudslides. People in the low lying areas were really hit hard by this latest storm. It was also unseasonably cool which also is difficult for people who are already soaking wet. We have been blessed with a dry place to sleep and some electricity while others have suffered much.

This week has also been difficult for the staff and students of QCS. We lost a great friend, teacher, leader, coach in Katie Broecker. I worked with Katie on the yearbook staff and she will be sorely missed. We only had school on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday was Katie’s memorial here in Haiti. Thursday and Friday there was no school for all saints and all souls day. Today is really the first day it hasn’t rained. It still might this evening so we’ll see.

During this week we went to a Haitian run orphanage and here are some pictures of the visit:

Denise and I were so proud of our children wanting to help and participate. We hope these outings will help them in their lives and help them to appreciate and care for others.

The person who took us is another amazing lady named Kim Hargrove. At just 23 she is really doing God’s work here in Haiti. Hey there might just be a possibility that we could work together in the near future!! She had some pencils and stuffed animals that were donated and we went to the orphanage to hand them out. These kids were so respectful!! They waited patiently and took turns without pushing or shoving. I also promised them a soccer ball the next time I came back. Anyone have an extra one?? They were playing with a flat mini soccer ball. Friends back home have asked “what can you use??” Well as you can see just the littlest things really give these kids hope. Pencils, small stuffed animals, paper, craft items, anything like that. We will be sure to get these items to these kids. Kim is also going to get with Cherie Kay Sessions (who is a physical therapist) to go to this orphanage to work with the boy (Angelo) who is in the purple shirt. He is walking better now but some therapy would do a world of good for him.

That is all for now but we will keep updating as things happen (which is everyday!!)