Teen Read Week is underway!

Here is Chloe during one of her shifts to read aloud from the New Testament.

Each middle school student takes 2 turns reading from the New testament for 20 minutes each time.


By the end of Monday they were already reading from Luke!

The elementary students took turns as classes going to watch the students read aloud.

This school is so blessed…The students & staff are awesome; the campus is stimulating, peaceful & clean; the morale is positive & strong. It is wonderful and life changing to hear the word of God being read aloud by the students here.

As I was listening to one of the 7th grade students read from the New Testament during her shift, I was amazed at the thought of these kids reading from the Bible out loud & with confidence as they are standing in a Christian school in the country of Haiti. It was just 2 nights ago that Sean & I woke up to 6 shot gun fires & chaos right outside of the school walls.

In the very midst of extreme poverty, crime, violence & corruption, Haiti does have it’s beauty & people whom have great hope in the Lord that He will bless those here that seek & trust in Him.

He can, will & is blessing Haiti!! As so many, many Christians are serving here we can say this with trust & peaceful knowing.

It is in the confidence, dedication & prayers of all of us at Quisqeuya that the students here will develop a great desire & wisdom of God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit, so that the future of Haiti might be run by well educated individuals that possess hope, love & great wisdom of God for the people & country of Haiti…

If you can? said Jesus. Everything is possible for him who believes. (NIV) Mark 9:23

“What do you mean ‘if you can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” (NLT) Mark 9:23