Sorry all for the delay in posting recently. We have been quite busy at the school and at home. I bet you are wondering what the title to this post means…

Well the elementary school kids (1st through 4th grade) had an organized kickball game after school this last week. Attached are some pictures of the event. These kids can sure kick the ball and we are helping them with the concept of “running the bases”. We then had a tropical rain which made it all the more interesting. Most kids still had on their school uniforms on (white polo and navy shorts) and several got quite muddy.

KB4 KB5 KB7 KB8 KB9 KB10 KB11 KB2 KB1 Banning1 reagan kickball

Next of course is Naomi. We met Naomi when she was 4 months old when we visited Haiti last January. She is one of the orphans at Heartline Ministries. We have been praying about how we can help. Denise has been working with the women’s program at Heartline and will post about that this week. We have decided to be available to Heartline as a family that will take kids as God leads us that need a little extra “one on one” & time away from the orphanage. Although Heartline is an excellent orphanage for the children, it is not the same as having a family. She has been here for a week and is starting to adjust well. She was very scared the first few days because she has never been out of the orphanage.

We still have Kesline on the weekends. She looks forward to this time each week and she continues to thrive as she adjusts to being a part of a family setting. She has an adopted family in the states but currently the adoption process is taking 2 years in Haiti.

This is Naomi last January:

Naomi’s first day with us…
Naomi1 Naomi2 naomi5 naomi6 naomi3 naomi4

Finally we have teen read week stating October 15th. Along with this reading challenge the middle and high school students will be reading the entire New Testament aloud. We have set up a tent near the flagpoles representing the tabernacle and students will take turns reading aloud.

trw1 trw2 trw3