Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a Christian Haitian run school. It was created & founded by the 6th grade teacher here at Quisqueya Christian School. A few years back, she took 4 years off of teaching here to start & run this Haitian school.

It now runs with a full Haitian staff & teachers. The Children are taught in French not Creole, which gives them better opportunities for their futures. Their were just over 200 children from grades K – 12. They also get fed a nutritious meal each day. An amazing thing about this school is that all of the children’s tuitions & uniforms are sponsored by individual supporters. I & two other students from the QCS yearbook class that Sean also teaches went up the mountain to this school with the 6th grade QCS teacher. She is a neat lady with a lot of love, passion & drive. She loves & knows each one of the Haitian children that attend her school.

Our purpose was to take individual photos of each child for their particular sponsors. The children were delighted & wonderful to work with. I enjoyed this opportunity & we managed to get all of the children beautifully photographed with 3 cameras in about 2 hours! So we made it back in time for QCS to be out for the day. The photos will be sent with an update & current grades of each child to their individual sponsor.

It was cooler up in that area & so beautiful & bright green from all of the rain we have had.

Here are some pics of that day:

view from Haitian school driveway to school

This is looking at the entrance of the school gates from the front part of the school building:
Entrance of school
Front of the school building & front door of school:
Front door of the school Front of school building

Here are some pics of the students inside the building in their classrooms:

elementary class elementary class elementary class young student another young student writing at board