Reagan has been working on loosening her front loose tooth. As of today it was hanging by a thread. After she spent at least 20 minutes in front of the mirror trying to get brave enough to yank it out, she turned to her Daddy. Within 10 seconds it was out!! So, we have an anxious 7 year old asleep right now with her tooth under her pillow wondering if the Tooth Fairy knows about Haiti!
Reagan lost a front tooth!!

Here is a really special picture that Reagan made for Flower (her little black old dog):
Reagans picture for Flower

We miss milk!!!!! Real milk!!! Cold milk!!! This has been an insignificant but big adjustment for us…we were big milk drinkers & took it for granted…

It is very hard to find real fresh milk here. Hence why we have had to get used to using powdered milk:
Powdered milk

We started off by only being able to drink it with chocolate mix & using it in cereal with lots of extra sugar. We are getting more tolerant for it now though & found out that if you eat your cereal really fast it is not too bad…

About 2 weeks ago Shelley told me that she got real milk from the Carribean-one of the markets here…I went the next day in high hopes to get some too. God had mercy on us because their were 3 half gallons of fresh milk left on the shelf….and to my amazement 2 of them were organic milk (same kind we bought in Idaho!!) except they were both whole milk instead of 1% & the other half gallon was skim milk…I was so happy to see this anyways…I bought all 3 & left the shelf empty of any more fresh real milk 🙂
Ahhh…Fresh Milk!!!!

I had to hold my breath as I paid over $6.00 US for each carton!

But it was worth it & we felt so blessed!! Our tummies were very happy for several days as we rationed it out…

I haven’t seen or heard of any fresh milk since then, so we are back to powdered milk. Today at dinner Sean & I tried powdered soy milk that I picked up earlier today hoping that it might taste a little better…nope…we still had to drink it really fast & Sean even added Chocolate syrup (yes they have chocolate syrup here) to help get his down. FYI, their is chocolate syrup here but forget about ice cream unless you make your own!

After a couple weeks of dairy withdraws, we are doing better now.

This is a pic of another orphanage that I am hoping to help with on a regular basis…a few of the older toddlers walked me out to the gate & watched me leave…& this is what I had to walk away from:

Thank you for your faithful prayers, we appreciate them. We hope & pray that you too are all blessed by knowing our good Lord & Savior…