We have been quite busy settling into our routines. Things are going well. On Friday we had a half day at school so the school generator could be turned off & worked on in the afternoon. It has been so hot & when the generator quits as it had been doing the school classrooms quickly get very hot. The fixing didn’t happen on Friday though, & then it was supposed to be first thing Saturday morning. Saturday they finally came at 11:30 & said that “they could not fix it today” & said they would fix it after school on Monday…we’ll see ūüôā we are getting used to the differences between the cultures of the West vs. the cultures of a third or “fifth” world country.

We had a little reality check today as we learned from our pastor that he was up at 1:30 this morning when he said he heard literally hundreds of gunshots right outside his gates. Which can be common here but it has been very quiet lately as far as that type of violence goes.

On an absolutely beautiful note, we had a wonderful downpour of very heavy rain. We were outside playing with the kids today this evening on the school basketball courts & within 20 minutes rain, thunder & lightning were right above us. We stayed outside & played in it for awhile. It felt so good as we cooled off. The smell of the fresh rain & warm air was wonderful. We were dancing & laughing during this storm, we also got soaking wet, and we were amazed at the amount of running water from the rain that was pouring & gushing all over the campus in many small but fast rivers. It was fun. We also had Kesline from Heartline orphanage with us, not sure if she has ever done anything like that before!

We will post more this week. Here are some various pictures from today & last week:

Mary & Isaac… visitors from Idaho who came to serve the children of Haiti. Mary is only 19 & Isaac is 18! They raised funds to come here on their own. We enjoyed them & were amazed by their choices & willingness to serve & help those in need.

Mary & Isaac Parrish

School picnic Banning & Kesline Reagan & Kesline

We had a family school picnic & BBQ at QCS last Saturday. Later their was volleyball & basketball games; the staff & teachers against the high schoolers, then against the Jr. high kids, it was very entertaining!:

Denise & Jaryse School picnic School picnic School picnic volleyball school picnic Volleyball school picnic basketball school picnic Ecrissa Reagan & Jaryse playing school picnic

Their seems to always be traffic in Port au Prince:
street scene

This first pic is of today about 20 minutes before the storm:
Minutes before downpour

This is by our front patio door after we had been playing in the rain when we were coming home to dry off:
Playing in the cool rain Fun in the rain