Man it rained last night. It was a torrential downpour. The nice thing is that when it rains like that it really cools down the air…

The school has had some generator issues which can cause some class inconveniences however God is good and we are all fixed for now. We actually ran out of power last night but after about 30 minutes the city power came on! It lasted about 2 hours which was GREAT!! Its the little things….

I have 3 more kids in my web design class which puts it up to 9 now. We are in the middle of add/drop week so it might still change. It was hot today but I really did feel better today and felt like God is really using me. Our class discussions about the verse I put on the board every class are getting very interesting and I hope and pray that I’m reaching these young people.

Well this is a short post but just keeping you all updated on our progress here in Haiti.

Also another praise is that New Beginnings Christian Church, our home church in Idaho, has just been able to pay off the land that the new church will be located. Praise the Lord!! Once again….

God is good….