Well the first week of school is over. We have the computer lab all ready. We are teaching keyboarding (I need to sit in on that one) and web design (my class) as well as chess. The atmosphere is very positive and rewarding. I wanted to let you all know how I start my class everyday.

I put a verse on the whiteboard and before we read the verse we pray. Anyone in the class can pray. So far it has been very good. We then discuss the verse on the board and how it applies to our lives. I see this as my ministry. Reaching these kids for Christ. Teaching them web design or french or algebra is very important however…. What is more important is what we do for eternity…

We also have a great praise to share. We finally received all the rest of our shipment from customs this week! This is quite a blessing because sometimes packages and other large parcels can take a month or more to clear Haitian customs. We finally have our water cooler and bikes and trampoline! So far the haitian students have not seen it but come Monday I think we’ll see a few kids look and wonder what the heck it is….

It is also the first of the month and we are still working with our mission to support direct deposit but if this can’t be accomplished we might be going with another one. This will not change my role in the school but how we receive our funds from all of you great supporters.

But until then if you have committed to supporting us please send your support to the following address:

Quisqueya Christian School Foundation
c/o Sean & Denise Blesh
20458 Waterford Rd
Fredericktown, OH 43019

This is the same address on the front page. We really appreciate the support….. We could not be here without it…

Also even if you would like to make a one time donation you can at this address.

If you do NOT need a tax deductible receipt you can also donate to us via paypal. This link is also on the front page on the left.

I’d like to leave you with this bit I received from a long term missionary…
There are three things that cause a missionary to leave the field:

1. Funding
2. Conflicts with the mission
3. Children’s education

God is in control of all these things and we rely on you, our supporters to continue our work here and help with #1.

We continue to grow in our mission and feel that God is directing us.

We feel very blessed that our children are getting a good education at QCS.

Please pray for us and our mission to reach these kids and to provide them with a quality education and a Godly perspective….

In His Service,
Sean Blesh