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Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a Christian Haitian run school. It was created & founded by the 6th grade teacher here at Quisqueya Christian School. A few years back, she took 4 years off of teaching here to start & run this Haitian school.

It now runs with a full Haitian staff & teachers. The Children are taught in French not Creole, which gives them better opportunities for their futures. Their were just over 200 children from grades K – 12. They also get fed a nutritious meal each day. An amazing thing about this school is that all of the children’s tuitions & uniforms are sponsored by individual supporters. I & two other students from the QCS yearbook class that Sean also teaches went up the mountain to this school with the 6th grade QCS teacher. She is a neat lady with a lot of love, passion & drive. She loves & knows each one of the Haitian children that attend her school.

Our purpose was to take individual photos of each child for their particular sponsors. The children were delighted & wonderful to work with. I enjoyed this opportunity & we managed to get all of the children beautifully photographed with 3 cameras in about 2 hours! So we made it back in time for QCS to be out for the day. The photos will be sent with an update & current grades of each child to their individual sponsor.

It was cooler up in that area & so beautiful & bright green from all of the rain we have had.

Here are some pics of that day:

view from Haitian school driveway to school

This is looking at the entrance of the school gates from the front part of the school building:
Entrance of school
Front of the school building & front door of school:
Front door of the school Front of school building

Here are some pics of the students inside the building in their classrooms:

elementary class elementary class elementary class young student another young student writing at board


Reagan has been working on loosening her front loose tooth. As of today it was hanging by a thread. After she spent at least 20 minutes in front of the mirror trying to get brave enough to yank it out, she turned to her Daddy. Within 10 seconds it was out!! So, we have an anxious 7 year old asleep right now with her tooth under her pillow wondering if the Tooth Fairy knows about Haiti!
Reagan lost a front tooth!!

Here is a really special picture that Reagan made for Flower (her little black old dog):
Reagans picture for Flower

We miss milk!!!!! Real milk!!! Cold milk!!! This has been an insignificant but big adjustment for us…we were big milk drinkers & took it for granted…

It is very hard to find real fresh milk here. Hence why we have had to get used to using powdered milk:
Powdered milk

We started off by only being able to drink it with chocolate mix & using it in cereal with lots of extra sugar. We are getting more tolerant for it now though & found out that if you eat your cereal really fast it is not too bad…

About 2 weeks ago Shelley told me that she got real milk from the Carribean-one of the markets here…I went the next day in high hopes to get some too. God had mercy on us because their were 3 half gallons of fresh milk left on the shelf….and to my amazement 2 of them were organic milk (same kind we bought in Idaho!!) except they were both whole milk instead of 1% & the other half gallon was skim milk…I was so happy to see this anyways…I bought all 3 & left the shelf empty of any more fresh real milk 🙂
Ahhh…Fresh Milk!!!!

I had to hold my breath as I paid over $6.00 US for each carton!

But it was worth it & we felt so blessed!! Our tummies were very happy for several days as we rationed it out…

I haven’t seen or heard of any fresh milk since then, so we are back to powdered milk. Today at dinner Sean & I tried powdered soy milk that I picked up earlier today hoping that it might taste a little better…nope…we still had to drink it really fast & Sean even added Chocolate syrup (yes they have chocolate syrup here) to help get his down. FYI, their is chocolate syrup here but forget about ice cream unless you make your own!

After a couple weeks of dairy withdraws, we are doing better now.

This is a pic of another orphanage that I am hoping to help with on a regular basis…a few of the older toddlers walked me out to the gate & watched me leave…& this is what I had to walk away from:

Thank you for your faithful prayers, we appreciate them. We hope & pray that you too are all blessed by knowing our good Lord & Savior…

We have been quite busy settling into our routines. Things are going well. On Friday we had a half day at school so the school generator could be turned off & worked on in the afternoon. It has been so hot & when the generator quits as it had been doing the school classrooms quickly get very hot. The fixing didn’t happen on Friday though, & then it was supposed to be first thing Saturday morning. Saturday they finally came at 11:30 & said that “they could not fix it today” & said they would fix it after school on Monday…we’ll see 🙂 we are getting used to the differences between the cultures of the West vs. the cultures of a third or “fifth” world country.

We had a little reality check today as we learned from our pastor that he was up at 1:30 this morning when he said he heard literally hundreds of gunshots right outside his gates. Which can be common here but it has been very quiet lately as far as that type of violence goes.

On an absolutely beautiful note, we had a wonderful downpour of very heavy rain. We were outside playing with the kids today this evening on the school basketball courts & within 20 minutes rain, thunder & lightning were right above us. We stayed outside & played in it for awhile. It felt so good as we cooled off. The smell of the fresh rain & warm air was wonderful. We were dancing & laughing during this storm, we also got soaking wet, and we were amazed at the amount of running water from the rain that was pouring & gushing all over the campus in many small but fast rivers. It was fun. We also had Kesline from Heartline orphanage with us, not sure if she has ever done anything like that before!

We will post more this week. Here are some various pictures from today & last week:

Mary & Isaac… visitors from Idaho who came to serve the children of Haiti. Mary is only 19 & Isaac is 18! They raised funds to come here on their own. We enjoyed them & were amazed by their choices & willingness to serve & help those in need.

Mary & Isaac Parrish

School picnic Banning & Kesline Reagan & Kesline

We had a family school picnic & BBQ at QCS last Saturday. Later their was volleyball & basketball games; the staff & teachers against the high schoolers, then against the Jr. high kids, it was very entertaining!:

Denise & Jaryse School picnic School picnic School picnic volleyball school picnic Volleyball school picnic basketball school picnic Ecrissa Reagan & Jaryse playing school picnic

Their seems to always be traffic in Port au Prince:
street scene

This first pic is of today about 20 minutes before the storm:
Minutes before downpour

This is by our front patio door after we had been playing in the rain when we were coming home to dry off:
Playing in the cool rain Fun in the rain

As I sit down to check email & work on our newsletter this morning, I hear the elementary students of Quisqueya Christian School in Chapel. I hear the piano beautifully playing and the sweet children’s voices radiantly singing the words to “Thy Word”…

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path

When I feel afraid and think I’ve lost my way
Still You’re there right beside me
And nothing will I fear as long as You are near
Please be near me ’til the end

Repeat Chorus

I will not forget Your love for me, and yet
My heart forever is wandering
Jesus be my Guide, and hold me to Your side
And I will love You ’til the end (oh my God)

Repeat Chorus

Nothing will I fear as long as You are near
Please be near me ’til the end

Repeat Chorus

And a light unto my path
And a light unto my path

Scriptural Reference:

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105 (KJV)

I am comforted and amazed at how awesome it is to know God and to know that these precious children that are so fortunate & blessed to be attending a school like this in Haiti are praising Him & learning to know Him in their hearts. Nothing is more important. This is such a beautiful sound to me as I soak it in & meditate on it’s overwhelming effect. I suddenly feel less burdened by the busy city noises, smells, violence, constant honking horns, people yelling, tap taps blaring and all the Haitian people and their numerous needs…

I realize & feel that God is here & He is in control. I think of the many missionaries that are here following Him, hoping to make a difference in the future of eternity, hoping to make a difference in this country, a country which is not any of our “own” home countries but none the less, a country filled with people that God created.

Today I am helping at the school in the Pre K room & then in the Second grade room.

We also had our first visitors stay with us for a few days & leave this morning on a missionary charter plane to Genevois, Haiti. They are going to visit, help & take supplies to a few orphanages up there. They are from Parma, Idaho!! We were honored to get to know & help house these 2 young people. We will post pics & more details later.

~~~~~~Sweet praise sounds…what a beautiful way to start this beautiful day that the Lord has made…

Thankfully in His service,

Man it rained last night. It was a torrential downpour. The nice thing is that when it rains like that it really cools down the air…

The school has had some generator issues which can cause some class inconveniences however God is good and we are all fixed for now. We actually ran out of power last night but after about 30 minutes the city power came on! It lasted about 2 hours which was GREAT!! Its the little things….

I have 3 more kids in my web design class which puts it up to 9 now. We are in the middle of add/drop week so it might still change. It was hot today but I really did feel better today and felt like God is really using me. Our class discussions about the verse I put on the board every class are getting very interesting and I hope and pray that I’m reaching these young people.

Well this is a short post but just keeping you all updated on our progress here in Haiti.

Also another praise is that New Beginnings Christian Church, our home church in Idaho, has just been able to pay off the land that the new church will be located. Praise the Lord!! Once again….

God is good….

Well the first week of school is over. We have the computer lab all ready. We are teaching keyboarding (I need to sit in on that one) and web design (my class) as well as chess. The atmosphere is very positive and rewarding. I wanted to let you all know how I start my class everyday.

I put a verse on the whiteboard and before we read the verse we pray. Anyone in the class can pray. So far it has been very good. We then discuss the verse on the board and how it applies to our lives. I see this as my ministry. Reaching these kids for Christ. Teaching them web design or french or algebra is very important however…. What is more important is what we do for eternity…

We also have a great praise to share. We finally received all the rest of our shipment from customs this week! This is quite a blessing because sometimes packages and other large parcels can take a month or more to clear Haitian customs. We finally have our water cooler and bikes and trampoline! So far the haitian students have not seen it but come Monday I think we’ll see a few kids look and wonder what the heck it is….

It is also the first of the month and we are still working with our mission to support direct deposit but if this can’t be accomplished we might be going with another one. This will not change my role in the school but how we receive our funds from all of you great supporters.

But until then if you have committed to supporting us please send your support to the following address:

Quisqueya Christian School Foundation
c/o Sean & Denise Blesh
20458 Waterford Rd
Fredericktown, OH 43019

This is the same address on the front page. We really appreciate the support….. We could not be here without it…

Also even if you would like to make a one time donation you can at this address.

If you do NOT need a tax deductible receipt you can also donate to us via paypal. This link is also on the front page on the left.

I’d like to leave you with this bit I received from a long term missionary…
There are three things that cause a missionary to leave the field:

1. Funding
2. Conflicts with the mission
3. Children’s education

God is in control of all these things and we rely on you, our supporters to continue our work here and help with #1.

We continue to grow in our mission and feel that God is directing us.

We feel very blessed that our children are getting a good education at QCS.

Please pray for us and our mission to reach these kids and to provide them with a quality education and a Godly perspective….

In His Service,
Sean Blesh