Praise the Lord for a great first day of school at Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti!!

Chloe started the 7th grade & is in the middle school, Easton & Banning both started 4th grade & Reagan started 2nd grade!! We are so proud of their willingness & boldness as they eagerly started this day & time in their lives. All four of our beautiful children are displaying such open & willing hearts as we continue to take bold steps in following Gods path for us here in Haiti.

Thank you dear Lord for being with our children today & everyday. Thank you for guiding them & giving them your peace & strength during this time & always. Amen.

1st day of school in Haiti 1st day at QCS

Reagan’s 2nd grade class at lunch today (Reagan is behind her friend Katie): Reagan’s 2nd grade class at QCS

Easton & Banning’s 4th grade class at lunch today:

Easton & Banning’s 4th grade class during 1st day

I have a specific prayer request…please pray for my Mom & step Dad & their community. They live in the Blaine County area of Idaho where they & over 1000 families had to evacuate their homes due to the growing wildfires in that area. Pray for them & all those involved to have strength, safety, peace & encouragement & also that God might stop the winds & deliver some rain. Thank you, as always we appreciate your prayers & strength.

I wanted to share with you all that I was actually a little homesick over the weekend for the first time; missing/grieving my animals, my friends, missing clean dirt & air, missing the quiet countryside, just missing our “old life”…. I was sick of the constant diesel smell in the air…grieving our “loss of freedom/independence”…asking God to help me.

And He did help me!!! Sunday night I read our book ‘On Being A Missionary’ (Thank you Terry Stine) which is the book God really used to reach us & direct us last year to Haiti & then I read the bible. Within minutes of reading both books God showed me very clearly in my heart, mind & soul that this is exactly where He wants me & my family.

I got so much peace, peace I have never felt before; I was filled with joy and eagerness after that. What I so called “gave up” to come here is nothing compared to what Christ gave up for us & I felt a deep, wonderful knowing of what & how important our eternal life is compared to our short stay here. God is teaching me so much. It is a miracle that we are here, it is by Gods grace, direction & guidance that we are here. It is by His mercy that we were able to obey & listen. It is by our supporters faithful hearts in Him that we are here. It is His plan. His perfect plan. I am so sure of it. I feel so much better & am eager to just be here doing whatever I need to do for our Lord, for our kids & my family while we are here.

I am learning a lot about so many things & myself. I know our children are too. I just hope & pray it will make them better people & that they too will have peace & wisdom about what they are doing & who they are dong it for & also in who they become.

I have never felt such peace, which is so hard to understand because this all is so different & a so much harder way to live.

Thank you for your prayers & on going support; which with Gods mercy & grace we can all work together to be fruitful for His eternal kingdom.

In His service, Denise