Well we are still adjusting… The heat can be oppressive and sweating all the time can get to you. Attached are some pictures of John McHoul bringing some folks to church this last Sunday… As you can see in Haiti we can fit a few people into the back of a small pickup truck.
Church Truck

And now for some of our friends… Mr Cockroach… Enough said…
He was only just under 2 inches!!

Oh… Here is a map Chloe made of our cross country trip to Florida. It shows all the states we went through to get here…12 in all…
Trip map

And there is a very large rope on campus and we have some shots of the kids swinging away.
Rope 1 rope 2

And here is the rainstorm we had just this evening… It was quite a downpour. The good thing is that this is a great way to cool off! These pictures are on our back patio.
rain1.jpg rain 2

School is starting on Monday and we ask for your prayers that the teachers reach the students to be servants of the Lord and to bless them and give the teachers the wisdom to do their very best and guide and direct these young people.

These young people are the future of Haiti. We found out earlier this week that Haiti is actually a 5th world country (not 3rd world). There is no real economic development and no exports. Please pray for a turnaround in this country.

The computer lab and infrastructure is ready. If anyone who reads this knows of any company who is willing to donate old computers please let me know. I just took out a pentium 75 out of the high school library so really anything will be an improvement. We currently have 10 pc’s in the lab and hope to get at least 10 more. We are going to wire the elementary building this year so the teachers and students will have access to the internet.