Today the weather here was still a bit cooler & we had some more rain. I loved it since I have been sweating non stop since we got here! So today & yesterday felt so much cooler & I didn’t have to take 2 showers in one day 🙂

Sean is very busy getting the school computer lab ready for next week when school starts. He is also working on his curriculum for the classes he will be teaching. He has been busy getting orientated with Quisqueyea Christian School & it’s staff. Our kids are excited to start school. They continue to be adjusting very well.

Chloe & I finally got to go visit a near by orphanage on Friday. It was wonderful to see but difficult to swallow. Over 70 children in one place. Many malnourished & developmentally delayed. All in dire need of stimulation & love. Since we do not have a vehicle here, this might be a place where I can help out on a regular basis. It is about a 2 minute walk from the school campus where we live. This place is doing the best they can but needs a lot of help. The children there & the orphanage have many needs that currently can’t be met.

Yesterday at a wonderful staff orientation worship & dinner, I met another christian woman whom lives here on campus with her husband who is a teacher at QCS. She has it in her heart to help & serve the orphans too. We will be praying about where God would like us to serve together & how we can help & for His wisdom & guidance as we seek to serve orphans in Haiti.

We also have the wonderful opportunity to take Creole lessons through the QCS. We will be taking Creole Monday through Friday each week as a family…about half an hour a day. So far the kids are doing really well. Our teacher is awesome & wonderful to us. This has been a fun thing to do together as a family & is very important so we can learn to speak the language & be able to communicate better with the people & children of Haiti.

Here are some pictures of our awesome Creole teacher teaching us:
Creole lessons 2 Creole lessons