We are fine! Our internet connection has been down; but our power has been off & on. We & the area of Port au Prince are fine. God blessed us with very little winds & rain compared to what we were actually expecting. We know the coast of Haiti was hit fairly hard. We are continuing to pray for the remaining people & places in the path of this hurricane.

From what we have learned, Port au Prince is 92 miles from the coastal area of Haiti that was hit the hardest.

Today was actually very comfortable & refreshing as we had cooler temperatures & light, steady rain showers. We were in good company & are feeling very welcomed & safe here. We know we are in God’s will…which there is no better place to be.

To our families whom must have been sick with worry & fear; we are safe & we love you all.

New Beginnings Christian Church & all who prayed so faithfully; thank you for your steadfast prayers. We love all of you & apppreciate your support.

Praise God for this!!

In Christ, Denise & family