We went to church today. Our kids were excited to start. Reagan even came out of children’s church stating with a smile that she made a new friend (a Haitian girl about her age wearing a pretty dress). It was so good for us & it was a wonderful experience. We were blessed by this & God spoke to our hearts. What an awesome opportunity & privilege!! For this…. & so much else, we are thankful.

We are settling in. We have been surrounded by wonderful people that have really helped us to adjust & feel at home these first few days in Haiti. They have helped transport us around, buy food, water, supplies, brought us wonderful cooked meals, checked in on us, invited us over & have been happy to teach us some of the basic ins & outs of living in Haiti.

Sean & I are so happy & thankful for our children as they are being so strong & open to all of this. Each one of them. It amazes us & reminds us that it is the Holy Spirit that is in them & with us, especially here & especially now.

We are all processing so much right now. Thank you for your heartfelt prayers, we are so grateful for them.

Please continue to pray for us as we adjust as a family & individually to living in a third world country. Pray for our health, protection, wisdom, guidance & support as we serve our Lord in Haiti.

Thank you again for the so many gracious people whom are part of this mission. Together, we can all do glorious things for our mighty Lord & Savior.

May each one of you walk with Him & feel His presence every day.

Here are some pics of us during our first 3 days in Haiti….