We wanted to let you all know that WE ARE HERE!!! Thank you to all who made this possible… Attached are some pictures of our flight with MFI. These are the greatest folks to work with. They were very patient with all our questions and helped us the whole way.
Here are some pictures of our flight… The other family on the plane with us is the Nettles family serving in St. Mark Haiti…
We did have a 30 minute Bahamas vacation… We stopped to get fuel for the airplane and off we went!!

Some flight specifics… We left at 6:30 AM (to beat the fog rolling in) and flew for 2 hours to Exuma, Bahamas. Got fuel there and then flew on to Port Au Prince, Haiti… The neat thing was the pilot (most all the pilots for MFI are also the maintenance crew) came back and said they order ham, eggs, and grits for breakfast at Exuma and they cook it up and have it ready for anyone on the plane. We pick up our food and fuel and off we go!