Goodbyes are tough. We feel so loved by our family, friends, church family & neighbors. We have spent the last week doing so many last minute preps for our departure & saying many Goodbyes.

I will miss my very best & closest dear friend Kym so much. I love you Kym. I love your family.
We could not have left on time…or at all 🙂 without your service & endless hours of help & encouragement.

One of my hardest personal adjustments will be missing you, I will miss you daily & can’t wait for you to come visit us in Haiti!!

Our kids love you & your family! Thank you Kym for always being there for me.
kym_denise.jpg blesh_seward.jpg
May God continue to bless you as He guides you & helps you grow in Him.
You are an awesome woman, friend, Mommy & wife! Thank you for everything & most of all for being my friend. Love you, Denise

Hi Laurie W. I am so sorry I was not able to get together with you last week. We were so busy. Please email me. Thank you for being such an awesome friend & coworker. I will miss you.

Kristy, I love you too.

I will miss so many of my wonderful friends. Thank you for your prayers & friendships!! Love you all, Denise