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Praise the Lord for a great first day of school at Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti!!

Chloe started the 7th grade & is in the middle school, Easton & Banning both started 4th grade & Reagan started 2nd grade!! We are so proud of their willingness & boldness as they eagerly started this day & time in their lives. All four of our beautiful children are displaying such open & willing hearts as we continue to take bold steps in following Gods path for us here in Haiti.

Thank you dear Lord for being with our children today & everyday. Thank you for guiding them & giving them your peace & strength during this time & always. Amen.

1st day of school in Haiti 1st day at QCS

Reagan’s 2nd grade class at lunch today (Reagan is behind her friend Katie): Reagan’s 2nd grade class at QCS

Easton & Banning’s 4th grade class at lunch today:

Easton & Banning’s 4th grade class during 1st day

I have a specific prayer request…please pray for my Mom & step Dad & their community. They live in the Blaine County area of Idaho where they & over 1000 families had to evacuate their homes due to the growing wildfires in that area. Pray for them & all those involved to have strength, safety, peace & encouragement & also that God might stop the winds & deliver some rain. Thank you, as always we appreciate your prayers & strength.

I wanted to share with you all that I was actually a little homesick over the weekend for the first time; missing/grieving my animals, my friends, missing clean dirt & air, missing the quiet countryside, just missing our “old life”…. I was sick of the constant diesel smell in the air…grieving our “loss of freedom/independence”…asking God to help me.

And He did help me!!! Sunday night I read our book ‘On Being A Missionary’ (Thank you Terry Stine) which is the book God really used to reach us & direct us last year to Haiti & then I read the bible. Within minutes of reading both books God showed me very clearly in my heart, mind & soul that this is exactly where He wants me & my family.

I got so much peace, peace I have never felt before; I was filled with joy and eagerness after that. What I so called “gave up” to come here is nothing compared to what Christ gave up for us & I felt a deep, wonderful knowing of what & how important our eternal life is compared to our short stay here. God is teaching me so much. It is a miracle that we are here, it is by Gods grace, direction & guidance that we are here. It is by His mercy that we were able to obey & listen. It is by our supporters faithful hearts in Him that we are here. It is His plan. His perfect plan. I am so sure of it. I feel so much better & am eager to just be here doing whatever I need to do for our Lord, for our kids & my family while we are here.

I am learning a lot about so many things & myself. I know our children are too. I just hope & pray it will make them better people & that they too will have peace & wisdom about what they are doing & who they are dong it for & also in who they become.

I have never felt such peace, which is so hard to understand because this all is so different & a so much harder way to live.

Thank you for your prayers & on going support; which with Gods mercy & grace we can all work together to be fruitful for His eternal kingdom.

In His service, Denise


Well we are still adjusting… The heat can be oppressive and sweating all the time can get to you. Attached are some pictures of John McHoul bringing some folks to church this last Sunday… As you can see in Haiti we can fit a few people into the back of a small pickup truck.
Church Truck

And now for some of our friends… Mr Cockroach… Enough said…
He was only just under 2 inches!!

Oh… Here is a map Chloe made of our cross country trip to Florida. It shows all the states we went through to get here…12 in all…
Trip map

And there is a very large rope on campus and we have some shots of the kids swinging away.
Rope 1 rope 2

And here is the rainstorm we had just this evening… It was quite a downpour. The good thing is that this is a great way to cool off! These pictures are on our back patio.
rain1.jpg rain 2

School is starting on Monday and we ask for your prayers that the teachers reach the students to be servants of the Lord and to bless them and give the teachers the wisdom to do their very best and guide and direct these young people.

These young people are the future of Haiti. We found out earlier this week that Haiti is actually a 5th world country (not 3rd world). There is no real economic development and no exports. Please pray for a turnaround in this country.

The computer lab and infrastructure is ready. If anyone who reads this knows of any company who is willing to donate old computers please let me know. I just took out a pentium 75 out of the high school library so really anything will be an improvement. We currently have 10 pc’s in the lab and hope to get at least 10 more. We are going to wire the elementary building this year so the teachers and students will have access to the internet.

Today the weather here was still a bit cooler & we had some more rain. I loved it since I have been sweating non stop since we got here! So today & yesterday felt so much cooler & I didn’t have to take 2 showers in one day 🙂

Sean is very busy getting the school computer lab ready for next week when school starts. He is also working on his curriculum for the classes he will be teaching. He has been busy getting orientated with Quisqueyea Christian School & it’s staff. Our kids are excited to start school. They continue to be adjusting very well.

Chloe & I finally got to go visit a near by orphanage on Friday. It was wonderful to see but difficult to swallow. Over 70 children in one place. Many malnourished & developmentally delayed. All in dire need of stimulation & love. Since we do not have a vehicle here, this might be a place where I can help out on a regular basis. It is about a 2 minute walk from the school campus where we live. This place is doing the best they can but needs a lot of help. The children there & the orphanage have many needs that currently can’t be met.

Yesterday at a wonderful staff orientation worship & dinner, I met another christian woman whom lives here on campus with her husband who is a teacher at QCS. She has it in her heart to help & serve the orphans too. We will be praying about where God would like us to serve together & how we can help & for His wisdom & guidance as we seek to serve orphans in Haiti.

We also have the wonderful opportunity to take Creole lessons through the QCS. We will be taking Creole Monday through Friday each week as a family…about half an hour a day. So far the kids are doing really well. Our teacher is awesome & wonderful to us. This has been a fun thing to do together as a family & is very important so we can learn to speak the language & be able to communicate better with the people & children of Haiti.

Here are some pictures of our awesome Creole teacher teaching us:
Creole lessons 2 Creole lessons

We are fine! Our internet connection has been down; but our power has been off & on. We & the area of Port au Prince are fine. God blessed us with very little winds & rain compared to what we were actually expecting. We know the coast of Haiti was hit fairly hard. We are continuing to pray for the remaining people & places in the path of this hurricane.

From what we have learned, Port au Prince is 92 miles from the coastal area of Haiti that was hit the hardest.

Today was actually very comfortable & refreshing as we had cooler temperatures & light, steady rain showers. We were in good company & are feeling very welcomed & safe here. We know we are in God’s will…which there is no better place to be.

To our families whom must have been sick with worry & fear; we are safe & we love you all.

New Beginnings Christian Church & all who prayed so faithfully; thank you for your steadfast prayers. We love all of you & apppreciate your support.

Praise God for this!!

In Christ, Denise & family

As of 9:00pm Haiti time all is quiet. It looks like Hurricane Dean will pass to the south of Port Au Prince early Sunday morning. The weather is clear now but we are told to expect moderate to heavy rain as well as some strong winds. Here is a link to NOAA.
Hurricane Dean
We personally do not know what to expect but we have taken precautions and we also know we are in God’s hands no matter where we are. There could be a possibility that we will not be able to post for a few days when this blows through. We do know that Port Au Prince airport is closed until Monday because of the hurricane. This also puts a cramp in the teachers who are to fly in this weekend to start orientation on Monday at QCS. Please continue to pray for us and all of those who are in the path of hurricane Dean.

We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea. Psalms 46:2

Well we are sorry that we haven’t posted in a couple of days. We have been busy unpacking and settling in. I have been working nonstop at the school in the computer lab getting it ready for the upcoming school year. Everyone has been so supportive and we are looking forward to this upcoming school year.

It’s been hectic due to the amount of work that needs to be done prior to school starting. The school’s main server went down so we have been recovering data and setting up computer lab equipment.
I’ll be teaching web design and in charge of the yearbook. I’ll also be supporting the school infrastructure and making sure the computers are in working order.

We already have had a child from the orphanage we visited in January to spend the night. Her name is Kesline and we all had a great time.
Kesline and Reagan

We also had a pretty good thunderstorm here and Denise got a great shot of the rain. It cooled everything off and was very refreshing. As you can see by some of our pictures that we are sweating. We are still getting used to the weather and the humidity.

Its funny how you take some things for granted. The school has a generator which runs roughly from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The city power can come and go at anytime and at all hours. We are learning power management very quickly.

We do not have a television (we chose to leave ours in Florida) and we really are not missing it much.

Also there is a picture of Denise and Chloe using a little sewing machine that was given to us by the folks at MFI. MFI delivered hundreds of small and large sewing machines to missions all over Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Denise and Chloe sewingDenise Sean and Banning Chloe sewing

We went to church today. Our kids were excited to start. Reagan even came out of children’s church stating with a smile that she made a new friend (a Haitian girl about her age wearing a pretty dress). It was so good for us & it was a wonderful experience. We were blessed by this & God spoke to our hearts. What an awesome opportunity & privilege!! For this…. & so much else, we are thankful.

We are settling in. We have been surrounded by wonderful people that have really helped us to adjust & feel at home these first few days in Haiti. They have helped transport us around, buy food, water, supplies, brought us wonderful cooked meals, checked in on us, invited us over & have been happy to teach us some of the basic ins & outs of living in Haiti.

Sean & I are so happy & thankful for our children as they are being so strong & open to all of this. Each one of them. It amazes us & reminds us that it is the Holy Spirit that is in them & with us, especially here & especially now.

We are all processing so much right now. Thank you for your heartfelt prayers, we are so grateful for them.

Please continue to pray for us as we adjust as a family & individually to living in a third world country. Pray for our health, protection, wisdom, guidance & support as we serve our Lord in Haiti.

Thank you again for the so many gracious people whom are part of this mission. Together, we can all do glorious things for our mighty Lord & Savior.

May each one of you walk with Him & feel His presence every day.

Here are some pics of us during our first 3 days in Haiti….

We wanted to let you all know that WE ARE HERE!!! Thank you to all who made this possible… Attached are some pictures of our flight with MFI. These are the greatest folks to work with. They were very patient with all our questions and helped us the whole way.
Here are some pictures of our flight… The other family on the plane with us is the Nettles family serving in St. Mark Haiti…
We did have a 30 minute Bahamas vacation… We stopped to get fuel for the airplane and off we went!!

Some flight specifics… We left at 6:30 AM (to beat the fog rolling in) and flew for 2 hours to Exuma, Bahamas. Got fuel there and then flew on to Port Au Prince, Haiti… The neat thing was the pilot (most all the pilots for MFI are also the maintenance crew) came back and said they order ham, eggs, and grits for breakfast at Exuma and they cook it up and have it ready for anyone on the plane. We pick up our food and fuel and off we go!