Well I just got back from our 1st annual man’s retreat at Hard Butte Lake. It was really nice to get out to nature and “clear the cobwebs” and come back with a renewed sense of purpose. Here are a couple of pictures of our trip.
Start of the hike.
Scene1Mountain Lake
End of hike
The sermon at church today really struck a cord with both Denise and I. The discussion was about Luke 9, verses 51 through 62. Making Jesus the top priority in your life and putting all the other priorities (social, family, finances, children, retirement) under Him; not out the window, just under Him.

As Christians, are we really willing to follow Him? No matter what? Not just following Him on our comfort terms but surrendering all & turning our lives completely over to His will & what He asks of us?

Knowing, as His disciples, that we will not only experience His awesomeness but we will experience trials, rejection & hardships? Are we willing to serve & submit to Him when He asks us or is it easier to turn our backs, following the worldly norm & continue our “comfortable, accepted, normal, easy, safe, common sense” empty life?

Under our circumstances this really applied to us in regards to some of our family and friends and how best to relate and explain our reasons of why we are doing what we are doing.

The real truth is, we only have to answer to one voice; the voice of truth. Not the many, many voices of this world (as the song goes). God is great and when he continues to speak to us in our hearts we know this is His will for us.

We are trusting in Him period. We are grateful for all of our family for the love & support they have had for us in the past. We are grateful for our friends and brothers & sisters in Christ as they trust in the Lord.

We are grateful for this God given opportunity…