Well sorry for the lack of the posting this last week. As you can imagine we are pretty busy these days. Just wanted to update what has been happening and where we are in our journey God is sending us on…

This last Sunday we had a presentation at our church explaining what we are doing and asking for support. I tell you that the support we are receiving is overwhelming! Financially we are getting there and emotionally we can’t wait to get there! We made it in our local newspaper, the Kuna-Melba News. There was a great article about us and we were so blessed to be able to tell our story.

We also finished up Vacation Bible School and the turnout was great. The first day it rained but then the rest of the week was beautiful and we had VBS in the park.

I personally will be heading up to the mountains on Thursday through Saturday for a Men’s Retreat with 15 to 20 other men from our church. I’m excited about getting up there and really talking with God and getting mentally ready for this journey!