9 years ago on June 14, our son Banning entered this world. Banning at 9 years old

Banning Michael has blessed our lives in so many ways. He has a special zest for life and is gifted with a kind heart and plenty of energy.
Baby Banning Chloe & Banning Chloe feeding baby brother Banning
Banning you have made us laugh, cry & rejoice as we have had the awesome privilege of parenting you & getting to know you & watch you grow into a wonderful boy. Our hearts have big hopes for you son, we pray that you will experience life & God to your fullest potential.

We know you will continue to be a blessing to all that come to know you. May God guide and protect you. May your Daddy & I give you all that you need to soar as high as your dreams want to take you.

We all love you Banning. We believe in you Banning. We thank God for you everyday.