We are so busy with everything but things continue to fall into place.

We are heading into the last two weeks of school, busy with work and trying to focus on all the many things we need to do to get ready for our move to Haiti.

Church yesterday was awesome as we were reminded of how life is full of making choices and decisions and how important it is to be moving ahead with courage.

Decisions and life changes for God can be made with confidence and reassurance that our Lord knows what is best for each one of us. If we seek His wisdom in everything we do, we will feel His peace, experience true joy & we will be all that we can be.

God continues to bless us with encouragement & support towards our goals for Haiti. Praise the Lord & thank you for those whom have felt lead to be part of this mission!!! We are so grateful & humbled by your generosity, willingness & support.

We are ordinary people whom God is using to do extraordinary things….All of us & all of you!!!

We were blessed this beautiful day to be able to spend it with God, good friends, good fun & good food!

Memorial Day Memorial Day fun with tadpoles

Next weekend is our huge fund raising moving sale which is being hosted by one of our good family friends. We have received many donations for this sale & are very excited.

The weekend of June 9, we have an awesome opportunity to participate in a great community event & we will be hosting a petting zoo & pony rides to raise support for our Haiti mission. Their will be many other activities, crafts, entertainment & lots of great food. We will also be educating our community on what our mission for Haiti is & how anyone can help. Thank you God & thank you Wild Ivy Gift Shop in Kuna!!

Thank you Lord for all those whom have felt convicted to serve you & support this mission to Haiti. We are so grateful!

Thank you all veterans whom have given your time, lives & hearts to serve & protect our freedom!!!! For this, we are grateful & blessed.