Praise the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever…..

The Lord blessed us in so many ways this past weekend! We once again feel strong through Him & feel His peace in our hearts. We have learned valuable lessons through our struggles during this part of our journey & taken them to heart. We have been experiencing deep grief, fear, doubt & loss, but through that we now are experiencing deep determination, knowing & elation!

Thank you Lord for reaffirming to us (& our lack of faith) for these past three days that Haiti is still where you want us to keep heading.

God has brought forward several people these past three days that He has been working in their hearts. Their hearts & desires are strong in feeling that they need & want to help support us! Praise God!!

We still need to raise a lot more money before we are able to move to Haiti but God has also provided several fund raising opportunities through different people! We are so excited & grateful! We will be very busy these next few weeks!

Another huge praise, which also made our day bittersweet for a moment, we recently felt strong enough to list our beloved horses for sale.

God provided two wonderful families within four days of officially placing them for sale. Today two of our three horses found their new homes.

Sparkle, the white horse that Reagan is on, went to a wonderful & very excited 7 year old girl!

Sweet Reagan riding  sweet Sparkle

Buddy, the chestnut horse that Chloe is on, went to a very special & excited 12 year old girl!

Beautiful Chloe riding beautiful Buddy

These horses have been part of our family & have given us many years of safe riding, experience, joy & unconditional love. They have showed us many days, evenings & moments of Gods beautiful world during the time we have been blessed enough to have them.

We were saddened briefly at the reality of them actually going…. but to our surprise we, including our children, seemed to be completely at peace and content in our hearts.

We continue to see God at work right before our eyes & right in our hearts!

Today at church we had a wonderful sermon about trials in life & how God can use trials to bless us and make us stronger once we are through them.

And of course we know that God is always right there with us in the very midst of every trial in life.

I wrote this verse down today as I read it in the bible: Romans 12:2

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of the world,
but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think.
Then you will learn, from your own experience,
how His ways will really satisfy you.

Onward Christian soldiers…