Wow, some days, this can be difficult. We have truly come to understand how much generous words & unconditional support can be so powerful. Some days, it is just enough to lift us back up and keep us going.

We are still having struggles with negative feedback from what seems like so many people who do not agree with our choices.

But God is good!!! (All the time)!!!!

We have also been surrounded by many, many encouraging people! God has continued to put people in our path whom have walked this journey & people who understand what God is asking of us.

It has been awesome to experience running into people and being introduced to people whom have an exact idea of what all this is like & how crazy it can seem. The world seems so small when this happens… & then we remember what an awesome, all knowing God we have!

We are continually trying to remember to praise God for every bit of encouragement, help, support & moments of affirmation or direction we get. Thank you all who have been a part of this.

If you feel lead to, we would love to hear any encouraging comments, wisdom or thoughts…we need them as we continue to boldly walk this path.

It is our prayer that when you read this, you grow closer to knowing God.

Thank you very much for your time, prayers & support.

We hope you are having a God felt day!