Dear friends, family and brothers and sisters in Christ,

We would like to share our path with you in regards to our future plans. Without us really realizing it before this past year, God has been preparing us all along to be a missionary family.
Sean and I believe that God has made it very clear that He wants us in Haiti. We feel especially drawn toward and equipped for working with orphans, children and youth. Sean also has computer technology knowledge and skills. He also has teaching experience in that.

The Lord has been working in our hearts and has graciously put our final personal concerns and fears in regards to serving in Haiti at peace. He has filled us with courage, determination and a strong sense of a certainty in knowing that He is asking us and has been preparing us to live and serve in Haiti.

We believe our children are spiritually, emotionally and even physically (as far as completing needed vaccines) ready for this calling. God has blessed them with the ability and wisdom to understand this calling of our family and blessed them with a sense of peace and eagerness to follow God’s will in this manner. This has been amazing and exciting to witness!

Through much prayer and thought, we believe if it is God’s will that we could be ready and able to move to Haiti in July or August of this summer. We are looking to commit to at least one full year and God willing, hoping to serve two to three years or more.

We are ready to commit to this plan (and have already done so in our hearts) and begin the next process of raising funds and figuring out where exactly in Haiti Gods wants us.

We have been praying and asking God to guide us and open doors for us in regards to raising the needed funds to move us over there and sustain us while we are there.

It is in our hope and trust in God that He will encourage people like you whom might feel lead to be part of the plans He has for us, you and for Haiti. We are hoping to establish a strong support group; a team which consists of people like you who could help support us in this calling; whether it is by prayer, financial support, words of encouragement, fund raising ideas or any other helpful thoughts that might come to your mind and heart.

This support group will be the ongoing backbone of our ministry. This support group will be what God uses to sustain and equip us while we prepare and while we serve in Haiti.

We continue to ask God for His affirmation in this awesome calling and are thankful for His clear answers. We only want to be in the center of His will…whatever that may be…and to give Him all the glory!

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to share this with anyone that you think might feel lead to pray for us and for the needs of Haiti.

We appreciate each of you, your time and your prayers.

In Christ,
The Blesh family
Sean, Denise, Chloe, Easton, Banning & Reagan

bleshfam at gmail dot com